Steikt svínarif í eggjahræru


Fried pork chop wrap in the omelette. Fyrir tvo.

- 3 eggs (Beat it in a bowl, with 1 1/2 tables spoon soya sauce)
- 300 g. pork chop
- 100 g. shrimp chop (option)
- 5 pieces mini-maize
- 10 pieces mini-carrot
- 100 g. onion (a small of onion)
- 1 tsp. garlic
- 1/2 tsp. pepper (or less, if you feel it too spicy)
- 1 table sp. soya sauge
- 1/2 table sp. oyster sauge
- 1 tsp. sugar
- 1/2 table sp. katchup
- oil for fried
Öll krydd fást í kryddkofanum

1. Fried garlic in the hot oil until it turn brown.
2. Add all meat and then fried until it cooked, a little bit brown.
3. Add onion, mini-maize, carrot and then fried until it cooked. Add a little bit of water if it too dry.
4. Put all seasoning (soya sauge, oyster sauge, sugar, katchup and pepper) then continue fried it. Test it first, if something missing you can still add it.
5. Put in a plate.
6. Fried egg in a pan. (only one side, don't turn it)
7. When egg is cooked, put it in a plate.
8. Put the ingredient in step 5 inside the egg (only half side of egg), then wrap it.
9. Serve with plain rice.

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